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During my ten years of studying art in the 1980's I became curious about the absence of woman artists in the established art books. From cave art to contemporary art the history of woman artists formed a large, black void. Only one woman, Meret Oppenheim, (Fur-covered cup), was included on an exam. Asking the question, how could 5,500 years of accumulated creativity reap only one lonely female Surrealist, I began to explore the broad issue of "womankind" as subject matter for my own work. The "Woman Series" has been the result. It has turned out to be a lifework...a journey.
I started tracing the essence of women thoughout the ages starting with the oldest artifact: The Venus of Willendorf, 30,000 B.C. Using ideas and symbols I form images and shapes that interest me. Gradually much of the inspiration for my artwork became rooted in various myths because I sensed they contain universal truths that do not fade with time. some of my sources are: Hestia, Muse, Pandora, and Eve

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